Simple, practical and beautiful materials

Pluck kitchens are clutter free, we let the clean lines, colours and materials speak for themselves. Our designs are not about gadgets, fads or fuss, but are about creating simple, practical and beautiful spaces for your home.

Tailored fit

We believe typical approaches to fitted kitchens hamper the chances of creating the best possible spaces. We design each element of a Pluck kitchen as an individual piece of furniture; so rather than letting our range of cabinets dictate the layout of the kitchen, we tailor the kitchen furniture to suit the space.

Meticulously designed and made

Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of Pluck kitchen furniture, behind the scenes every element has been meticulously considered. This is about merging an obsession for the intricate, technical details of kitchen furniture design with a passion for materials and finishes. All Pluck kitchen furniture is designed and made under one roof in Brixton, South London. This means every stage of manufacture is closely connected, so the quality is maintained throughout.

We make our own range of Corian and laminate worktops, but should you wish to use another material we can advise on what is suitable and recommend suppliers.


The core material of Pluck kitchen furniture is birch plywood. Hard-wearing and sustainable it functions as an honest, solid foundation from which to begin.


We use laminate to introduce colour but this is about more than just looks, laminate is durable, practical and versatile and the colour is longer-lasting than painted finishes. Our palette includes warm, neutral and bold shades.

  • Atlantic Blue
  • Brockwell Moss
  • Effra Blue
  • Lido
  • Market Mustard
  • Ruskin Blossom
  • Coldharbour Grey
  • Half Moon White
  • Helix Grey
  • Ritzy


We have chosen a selection of woods that work beautifully with our colour palette, each has its own distinctive character which we have tried to capture here.


The most common tree in the capital, London plane has a rich, warm tone. It is patterned with distinctive flecks; depending on the viewer these might remind you of animal print, brushstrokes or an abstract graphic.


Elm typically has a large and dramatic grain and the ripples running through the wood are evocative of zebra stripes. The wood’s golden tones gently soften the pattern.


The palest of our woods, beech is an unusual combination of subtle linear markings and speckles. These alternate in tone, so when the linear markings are darker the speckles are lighter and vice versa.


The most traditional in our selection, cherry has a quintessential swirling wood grain and warm rich tones.

Sweet Chestnut

Ranging from pinks to greens, sweet chestnut is imbued with subtle variations of colour which come to the fore the more you study it. The wood has a soft, gentle tone and grain markings throughout.

Wood Veneers

We are acutely aware that hardwoods are a limited resource and believe that as such they should be used with respect. Therefore we use veneers to minimise the amount of material we use. We carefully arrange the veneers individually to enhance the pattern, grain and texture of the wood.


If you are looking for a bold alternative to wood we are particularly partial to natural cork which has been mixed with recycled rubber. This material is commonly used in heavy industry as an anti-vibration matt so not only is it sustainable, it is also incredibly durable. It has a speckled texture with the black of the rubber accentuating the warm tones in the cork.